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    Study for fun is great, but study for a purpose is handy. You will be awarded by 6 ECTS credits from a Prague based university.


    We put an emphasis on the methodology of experimental approach and students can run their lab experiment.


  • The summer school

    July 30–August 5, 2017
    "Behavioral Public Policy"

    Behavioral sciences encompass aspects of many disciplines such as economics, psychology, sociology, political science, anthropology, and those aspects of biology that deal with human behavior to study the nature of information processing, judgment and decision making.

    In relation to public policy, it concerns the efforts of policy makers to take account of natural and normative psychological and behavioral processes in the analysis of consumer behavior, media psychology, social organization, operations research, etc.

    Why we run the CEBEX Summer School on Behavioral Sciences

    Since commencing their work in 2010, the UK Behavioural Insights Team (aka. “the Nudge Unit”) has pioneered an increasing trend in the mainstream application of behavioral sciences to public policy making. In recent years, leading countries across the globe have started running their own “nudge units” (see map). The growing interest in the importance of behavioral sciences in the public sector is also obvious from activities of the European Union which has established its own Foresight and Behavioural Insights Unit. Such findings have proved beneficial for applications in the private sector also.

    The Center for Behavioral Experiments in cooperation with CEVRO Institute is pleased to invite you to the CEBEX Summer School on Behavioral Sciences to consider the topic of “Behavioral Public Policy”, where we will discuss and discover new trends and innovations in public policy creation.

    Program Format

    The program consists of presenting students with successfully applied behaviorally informed policies on which the underlying phenomena will be explained. The case-studies will cover topics of:

    • Consumer Protection
    • Education
    • Energy & Environment
    • Financial Products
    • Health & Safety
    • Labour Market
    • Tax & Public Service Delivery
    • Telecommunications


    The academic program contains 20 hours (20 x 75 min.) of lectures. The leisure time program will be further specified due to the number of participants and theirs preferences.


    30 July
    Boat Trip & Dinner
    Opening Lecture by Benjamin L. Castleman
    Welcome Beer
    31 July
    Morning Session
    Afternoon Session
    Dinner, Drink & Beach Volleyball at Náplavka
    1 August
    Morning Session
    Afternoon Session
    Evening Program with Students for Liberty
    2 August
    Morning Session
    Lunch & Cultural Program
    Dinner & Movie in Open-air Cinema
    3 August
    Morning Session
    Afternoon SessionCryptoparty in Paralelní PolisEnjoy drinks in the world's first bitcoin Coffee bar!19:00 Guest Lecture (Topic: Bitcoin/Technology)
    20:00 Party in Bitcoin Coffee: food, drinks, coffee and DJ.
    4 August
    Morning Session
    Afternoon Session
    Closing Lecture with Peter Boettke
    Dinner & Farewell Party
    5 August

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    Rodica Ianole

    Rodica Ianole Associate Professor

    University of Bucharest, Romania

    Rodica is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Business and Administration, University of Bucharest, Romania. She holds a PhD in Behavioral Economics, a master degree in Economic Cybernetics and Quantitative Economics and a bachelor degree in Business Administration. She is author of the book Applied Behavioral Economics Research and Trends.

    Benjamin L. Castleman

    Benjamin L. Castleman Assistant Professor

    University of Virginia, USA

    Ben completed his doctoral work at Harvard University. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor of Education and Public Policy at the University of Virginia, and the Founder and Director of the Nudge4 Solutions Lab at UVA. He is also a senior advisor to Former First Lady Michelle Obama. Ben’s research develops scalable solutions in education and public policy by leveraging behavioral insights, data science, interactive technologies, and deep partnerships with public and private agencies and organizations.

    Peter Boettke

    Peter Boettke Professor

    George Mason University, USA

    Peter Boettke is a University Professor of Economics and Philosophy at George Mason University; the BB&T Professor for the Study of Capitalism, Vice President for Research, and Director of the F.A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the Mercatus Center at GMU. Since 2016, Peter is a president of the Mont Pelerin Society.

    Richard Vedder

    Richard Vedder Professor

    Ohio University, USA

    Richard Vedder has been an economist with the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, with which he maintains a consulting relationship. He has served as the John M. Olin Visiting Professor of Labor Economics and Public Policy at the Center for the Study of American Business at Washington University in St. Louis and has taught or lectured at many other universities.

    Petr Houdek

    Petr Houdek Associate Professor

    University of Economics, Prague

    Petr Houdek is an assistant professor at the University of Economics in Prague and at the J. E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem. His primary research interests include behavioral economics, social psychology, and management sciences. He has published in a wide range of academic journals such as Academy of Management Perspectives, Journal of Management Inquiry, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, PLoS ONE, Critical Care Medicine, and so on.

    Petr Koblovsky

    Petr Koblovsky Chairman Of The Board

    Center for Behavioral Experiments (CEBEX)

    Petr Koblovsky graduated from Yale Law School spent one year at Harvard Law School as a visiting scholar. He has extensive experience of lecturing at universities as well as working as a commercial lawyer (e.g. Allen and Overy). His research interests include law and economics of property and contracts, behavioral economics and moral psychology.

    Hana Marie Smrčková

    Hana Marie Smrčková

    National Institute for Mental Health | Czech Republic

    As a PhD researcher at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics of the University of Economics in Prague Hana examines benefits of interventions supporting physical activity. She received her master degree and research experience from Tilburg University in the Netherlands. Hana also works as a health economist for the National Institute for Mental Health. Her talk will address lifestyle interventions at the worksite.

    Academic Board

    Josef Sima

    Josef Sima President

    CEVRO Institute

    Professor Josef Šíma graduated from the University of Economics in Prague, where he obtained Ph.D. degree in 2001. In 2005 he became associate professor, and in 2008, he became full professor of economics. Since 2009, Josef Šíma is a president of the CEVRO Institute.

    Organizing Committee

    Vojtech Zika

    Vojtech Zika Managing Director

    Center for Behavioral Experiments (CEBEX)

    Vojtěch Zíka graduated from University of Economics in Prague and from Charles University. Because of his interest in adaptive functions of cognitive biases he does a PhD at the Department of Evolutionary and Theoretical Biology (Charles University). In Center for Behavioral Experiments Vojtěch works on popularization of behavioral sciences in Czech Republic.

    Anna Umlaufova

    Anna Umlaufova Project Assistant

    Center for Behavioral Experiments (CEBEX)

    Anna Umlaufová is currently studying Economics at the Charles University in Prague. Her main interests apart from behavioural economics include international relations and the problematique of education as well as its different forms, which she is pursuing whilst organising various youth events.


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